Monday, March 15, 2010

i believe in miracles!

I touched my nose
NO! i wasnt picking it ok
I was just making sure if its in place...
was it ?


and i heaved a deep sigh

after a sudden pang  at the pit of my stomach ,
making me feel that i had an Ugly 
Pig Snout for a nose
I was depressed
I was lonely
I was Penelope

and that is what happens to me 
when i watch a nice movie :)

the power of fiction has held me so many times
I can even proudly call it 
my love in disguise
i know when i cant find the things in order 
when reality seems so profane
i turn to the fantastic
coz just like some ppl
(girls i would say)
find solace in the arms of the beloved (cliche to me  even to think about it :p)
the stories take me into some other world

has it ever happened to you?
did you feel like hogging on burgers after watching 'Harold and  Kumar Go to White Castle'
then probably a normalcy check is on the cards

There isnt a person in my life  who is not aware of
my Harry Potter Mania
and i have managed to add on more to it , with Twilight in addition and a lot more chick flicks.
being in English honors i never felt the need to study more novels ( could i take a time off from dance? A: no)
but now I am a free spirited woman, as soon as the exam ends i have to pick as many chik flicks as possible

i am gluttonous 
and i lurv it 

so not digressing anymore and partially escaping the confession
i am back again to Penelope
to Harry Potter and
Twilight :)
the whole movie thing reminds me of cartoons, 
I SOo want to be bak in those days with Aladdin, tom and Jerry, Power puff girls, dexter, courage the cowardly dog, silly symphony, classic Micky mouse, Pingu 

how could i forget small wonder, hip hip hurray, Remix, Genie in the bottle

and the long lost and forgotten Duck tales- wohoo, Tale spin, jungle book, donald duck , popoye :)

I have loved the stories and
in the stories i live
is it an escape?

i have no idea :)
and all the beauty lies in it

Monday, March 8, 2010