Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being twisted

Today, I feel twisted, like those spirals in the helix intertwined at the core of my being, like the gyre that I have always read about and seen. Watching something so twisted is easy to comprehend. It is the structure, molded into each other, you can see the one part from here and the other twirled to the one that you just saw, looped in to the one that was unseen but just caught the eye when you tried to look too close, with the part partially visible but unobserved by the eyes earlier. You understand the so much so decoded astounding complexity. But when it is the same that you feel, there is no dimension to the self. It is beauty, it is love it is complication, it is the truth and the knowledge of time and the tiny pinch that tells that today you are here, and tomorrow … leave the trail of thoughts here please, because being twisted is all about not answering anything. Silence, is the self, deaf you are to the world. What you can hear is the only thing that brought you here, the echo that is reverberated in side you, every time you roll deeper in the twist. Roll, Roll in to the thoughts that brought you here, the people tucked to you to bear, in the whirlwind of angst and complexity.

Twist, shut your brain, Twist along, Let the immense be in you and feel the throng. Twirl in the moment, turn back to see, the stretch of the body and be , the one that you never contemplated you'd ever be.