Friday, April 30, 2010


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In the swirls of puff
And the whiff of mire
I found an escape
To the endless gyre

I need to be lost
From the self, the world
I might sound deranged

I had life and love
Just  step away
But deceit and debauch
Made a shocking foray

I succumbed myself
To the burning desire
And i repent and roll
On self produced ire

Now i need to go
Away from my own race
The mirror reflects a monster
I dont recognize my face

And i delved in nothingness
With each glass, shot and puff
I managed to escape the self
In the high of drugs

Ps: every human being go through his share of dirty experiences in life and sometimes we all feel like going away from things.There is hardly a person who doesn't(or hasn't tried ) drink,fags or smoke up. people do it for various reasons -inquisitiveness, show-off, or just for the heck of it. getting drunk or doped isn't BAD! making a habit out of it surely IS ,for the self, family, friends and society. it  isn't the way OUT  from the miseries of life

say no to EXCESSIVE of drugs and yes to healthy ( read timely) boozing!

Pps: please excuse me if you find this post absurd, for me  people indulge in these activities out of some emotional setback or environment of the peers .there is a story, a narration in each paragraph. it upon you to decode it :)

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

carzy crazy things!

A few days back i was telling my best mate surbhi jain about Shakespeare's all the plays of Shakespeare, the clown is the wisest of all  the characters in the play, strange eh? but true indeed, so the its the irony of the situation that got hold of me. the foolest creature enjoys the most and i completely affiliate to the clown *proudly*. i was pondering upon the lines of craziness, FREAKY- freaky things that people of my age do! i mean it is a common string of emotion heartfelt by the hot bloods of cranky spirit which is very less deciphered by the rest and lend us a nobility of its own . the one time that would like stay on forever, is this! and its weird that i actually made a list of things that comes straight from my memoir .Even after reading this , you think i have a normal , tamed spirit, you gotta be kidding me

  • typical movie mania! could watch a movie a hundred times and still cry over the protagonists being dejected, Sew dreams of one's own lovy dovy story after a watching a an emo-love story is yet another part of it.
  • no matter wherever you see Robert pattinson/ kristen stuart *sigh*, you could not help drooling, its craziness, twilight is sickly addictve ( i remember i was so obsessed wit it that i read all 4 parts in one week,my poor eyes !)
  • Head banging! bashing with the groovy beats and singing crazily over classic number like zombie and numb, there hasn't been a cranky soul master , without a sprained neck at one point of time in life
  • weird color combo... i personally love yellow with purple. crazy it goes with variations. i saw green streaks on a gal's hair, daringly flamboyant.  the new pair of trousers with small animated cars print on it  and the little flowers along with it, completely senile at the first glance, but uber cool in my yes i have them in real :D
  • food-o-love :) pizza with pani poori? pasta with faluda for the desert :D, been there, done that *wink*
  • did i mention the daring instinct? heights of crazy thinking when a chunky metal belt could be used a neck accessory .sounds totality bizarre but true of my  word,it was a totally chica stylo 
  • so the depth of weirdness increases. ever made weird faces watching yourself in mirror? no ? do it and you can leave behind the baggage of inhibitions, one hell of a crazy idea .
  • pretense is another way to fool around i would say. i once saw this  crazy guy who broke a vase and walked off as if he never even passed by it and later grieved over the  demolition of such an antique artefact, he even rebuked the culprit and bellowed  to 'show up'  ;)
  • self indulgence is a common phenomenon . but when fused with gluttony then the crazy desire to wash over the dish of the yummy chocolate soufflé with the sweep of tongue is irresistible.
  • ever made as sketch? drew a random design  on a piece of paper? at the back of registers, college desk?  stroke a few lines with  pencil here and there and name it Abstract is crazy as well
  • believe you think to high? ever  saw an obscure face etched amongst the dark dense clouds? congratulations! u r a fantasy thinker , falling under the category of  'positively' crazy people.
  • and the last person, i know him not , (i do not even intend to), lip-synching  a song with super dramatic emotions on face in the METRO! he was such a spectacle  and any body could make out he was showing off that he knows RoCk (yeah baby!) and could sing it as well! (WoW)!. AND that is - weird crazy , i would solemnly advice not to copy the same as it surely does amuse people like me , and probably give a laugh or two for children. the eldy's could come and ask you to wake up !
ans yes! for me like the clown, its normal to be insane and different from the rest.
if u agree, echo back " fool is cool" 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

love it is?

she was sultry
he was handsome
she was mellow
he was agile
they saw
they desired
they hooked
and  got booked
for the rest of their lives

love it is?

she was charming
he was adorable
she would read
he would watch
she would quote
he would yawn
and she was disappointed

love it is?

he would laugh his heart
she would smile
she wore checks
he liked stripes
he would joke
she would snide
and people called it love
and tied them up the altar

love it is?

she was unsure
he didn't care
but consumed in passion
of  the bodily lure
they succumbed to their instinct
and crochet the knot of marriage

love it is?

they were impassioned
they were insane
they were careless
they seldom refrain
he fervently kissed
she replied
and he was in her
that very night


of the numbness
at the time astride
it was a communion
of both bodies
hollow to the core
she never lived
from that very night

he was a player
she was taciturn
he tried
faced spite
he turned to places
to get sufficed
and she despised
the stinking man
lying beside

and they call it love
at first sight...