Friday, April 30, 2010


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In the swirls of puff
And the whiff of mire
I found an escape
To the endless gyre

I need to be lost
From the self, the world
I might sound deranged

I had life and love
Just  step away
But deceit and debauch
Made a shocking foray

I succumbed myself
To the burning desire
And i repent and roll
On self produced ire

Now i need to go
Away from my own race
The mirror reflects a monster
I dont recognize my face

And i delved in nothingness
With each glass, shot and puff
I managed to escape the self
In the high of drugs

Ps: every human being go through his share of dirty experiences in life and sometimes we all feel like going away from things.There is hardly a person who doesn't(or hasn't tried ) drink,fags or smoke up. people do it for various reasons -inquisitiveness, show-off, or just for the heck of it. getting drunk or doped isn't BAD! making a habit out of it surely IS ,for the self, family, friends and society. it  isn't the way OUT  from the miseries of life

say no to EXCESSIVE of drugs and yes to healthy ( read timely) boozing!

Pps: please excuse me if you find this post absurd, for me  people indulge in these activities out of some emotional setback or environment of the peers .there is a story, a narration in each paragraph. it upon you to decode it :)

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  1. different outlook towards drugs as a way to escape...

    Mind you I haven't tried any of the stuff you mentioned!
    But I agree healthy boozing is highly recommended!

  2. I too eat chocolates(one drug that we can take without fearing the laws and even our parents :P)when I'm stressed.
    Nice poem. :)

  3. Nice poem, seriously. Well thought. Though, you can actually work on presenting the post in a better manner with proper formatting! :)

  4. @saurabh - u should try ;)

    @chocolate has medicinal values ,its so sinful!like can have it day and night, better than narcotics consumption ,
    ps: i have heard that chocolate hits too sometimes!

  5. @- The Virgin Author!: thnx :)i ll see if i cud edit the format

  6. hey Payal, nice post. not that absurd either! :D liked the theme and also the rhyme gave it a nice flow..

    PS: chocolate can hit, but not a big issue :D ;) :D can consume it 24/7 i guess :P :)

  7. @leo : we think the same way dude!
    now i am craving chocolates, the dark ones!

    ps: if u have tried Cadbury temptation (Rum Raisin flavor) or bournville , u ll agree with the hitting effect :)

  8. Yes, I am with you - say NO to drugs. A very good poetic entry. And I like your book shelf!

    Sureindran R. - Escape

  9. one thing for sure,...
    we do need to escape from the clutches of addiction irrespective of the habits we have...
    It may be a religious fundamentalism too

  10. Nice attempt and I appreciate the message your trying to give. But people who smoke and drink socially do it deliberately. But self destructive behavior is not deliberate. Even procrastination, eating junk food, excessive internet browsing are other manifestation of self destructive behavior. Only family support, some form of religion/ideals/greater purpose in life can help get away from such things

  11. Hi Payal,
    from a chocoholics desk, a delicious post. best wishes for BAT10

  12. An interesting piece of poetry thr Payal.. bt in the PS it shud be "say no to drugs", who'l decide wats excessive nd wat not.. it should be a total no!
    nd yeah, Welcome 2 blog-a-ton.. keep enriching it with ur participation!

  13. Payal,

    I agree with you. When it all comes down to it, drugs are as bad to a human being as sugar is to a diabetic. Or fat is to an obese person. The problem with drugs & booze & cigarettes are the fact that people use them sometimes unwisely and it has dire consequences.

    And Vipul's message on saying NO to drugs, is partially true. I mean I would never want to dabble in using cocaine, heroin and all the funny chemical stuff. Just because, the first time could definitely be the last time.

    But for things like weed & mushrooms, people have been using it for eons. Witch doctors of native american tribes, shiva devotees have all used these natural chemicals, with a purpose. And if you can find a purpose worth the risk & the high, then go for it!

  14. @mahesh - it could be nything in life to which we are obsessed, ANYTHING:)

    @the fool (very unique name indeed, i like :D)- umm i guess i have seen ppl who impose self destruction on themselves but for various reasons, even rebellion is one of come out of it is personal choice and will :) well said

    @tikulicious : i am foraying in to the world of chocolates would definitely love to learn a few tricks here and there on making :D

  15. @vipul : thnx for stopping by , i am glad u started something like blog-a -ton, its rilly cool :D

    as per the ps , i think trying it (just for the heck of it or various reasons) is sanctified, i mean legal consumption of it to a certain limit is good , excess of it is bad and i refer to all narcotics consumption. even in the dark chocolate cake, they add rum for the flavor and it unknowingly hits the people, that is justified

  16. One helluva thought...but u know the human psyche is such that we always do things which are forbidden...cheers


  17. I like it...really really do. Like the thoughts..the intent. All d best!

  18. Smooth, real and painful!

    I'm so sure, poems are the way to 'escape' on blog-a-ton this time !

    in love with me and life..escape !

  19. Funny how things turn up. One tries to escape the miseries of life by getting addicted to dope and the lot, but I wonder how can he escape that addiction! One can't escape from oneself, can he? I doubt that.

    The way you've expressed is splendid. Loved the flow of words. :)
    All the best! :))

  20. Just a quick observation - the politically correct word is narcotics. Drugs is a loosely used term for narcotics. ..drugs are medicines available over the counter at the local pharmacy...narcotics are not.

    I think the central idea that you are trying to convey here is good.The intention is noble and the thought process tells a story.

  21. @ Gyanban : narcotics can be in any of the medicines.... its just that they r generally prescribed by the doctor otherwise they r labeled illegal (i just wiki'd it! he he thnx for bringing it up)

    ya idea is just abt sloshing away into nothingness as an escape, it's a lil filmy and realistically modern if u see around :)

    thnx for stopping by

  22. That was nice.. I havent tried any of those you have mentioned :) But yeah I consume lots of chocolates all the time :)Addiction of any sort is definitely bad. Good one

  23. very nicely written..............spreading gud message