Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Indian Media - Misusing Its Freedom?

This post is my entry for the Blogadda contest on the topic "Is Indian Media - Misusing Its Freedom?"
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चैन से सोना है तो जाग जाओ !

Bizarre  enough to hear  the media can now a days is armed enough to provide with horror spoofs to the reality seeking public. even though i am tempted to mention the name of the channel because of the wreck it has caused at my own home (and i firmly believe there are many like me at the receiving end)
so here starts the story...a normal day , my parents were flipping from one news channel to the other .they are normal middle class  who are anxious to know what is happening in the world outside , which is not covered in the newspaper

comes a threat from the flat screen TV

" Does your daughter live in Hostel?"

"are you planning to send her to hostel? , think again because what we are going to show is soomething that you have never NEVER seen before " :/

and  %#@%$^ TV , thanks for being the evil in our life...

after watching the LESBIAN pictures of a group of girls belonging to a reputed college, i could only see exasperated faces. and i firmly believe that if this news would have been presented in a  different , less melodramatic way , the impression would have been very different.

what is media meant for? what does journalism mean? isn't it meant to communicate the truth in plaintive manner a medium , a nexus, a mode to access information  and i am thankful that i get to know about best shopping places if India and traveling destinations and weather conditions of cities via it

but when did one ask for a live wire shock thing  for a connection?

Dear media
Lets get back to the demographics of India. second most populous country with diversification in terms of religion and ethnicity. there are reservation for backward classes and scheduled caste and tribes. with the recent upgradation in the quota to 50  seats of the backward classes , its clear that  majority common folk are still living in middle class framework in terms of thinking and mentality. they have been mesmerized by Ekta kapoor's over exaggerated drama and are used to watching the protagonist being slapped thrice to create the impression *slap* *slap* *slap*along with sound of drum beats . DO NOT FOLLOW THE MAINSTREAM DRAMA , the job is to convey information not dramatize it in best way possible.. you are meant to be different and at least while the news is being conveyed a layman would be glad to watch the truth minus the suspense.

So my simple message to the news channels and television media in India is , stick to your genre, it isn't Drama, sarcasm et al . kindly do not try and defame celebrities with bawdy bylines which could make them joke amongst their families  and friends. conveying news without twisting them should be the real intention.


  1. after a lot of brainstorming :)

    thnk u for the pushing :P

  2. I agree with you completely!

    It feels great to read the posts in your blog after such a long time :)

  3. Ur right..Even I had a similar experience..its really sad!

  4. nah nah not misuse.........its just " BEING IRRESPONSIBLE & OVERUSE"