Wednesday, February 24, 2010

despicable desirable changes of life

I vividly remember the , the last day of School, i had this totally numb feeling and i was mystified into my own  belief that "blah, things are the same", and then the most important changes came in...
from a new house , to new college, to new set of frnds...everything switched with the snap of the fingers...

there were no  more classes with similar uniform clad frnds...
there wasnt the obligation to hide my phn in the bag
No more "groups", no more known faces around
i had to start from the scratch
rebuild everything, my room , my space, my life!

My three years in Hansraj has been tremendously incitive
i use this word because it made me do things which i had probably never done if i would not have been made to.
being a part of choreo society  wasnt a cakewalk, neither sustaining to be in it
n i walk out with gratitude, coz i have had it and come out clean 

The school molded me into a slate
but the finishing is what college provided 
with its bitter sweet learnings.
yet i shudder at the thought of another change.
sitting at Lp and observing the rived surface
the idea of change all the more scares me...
my whole day was consumed in the agony of it.

Then lighted the bulb in my mind,
the torn surface would son be plastered 
and Lp wil be Lp again
rising above the odds , i have received
something, more than i expected in the first change
the second could be better than the first :)
or worse :(

no idea

so who knows wats next
n y care now

get sloshed down and let the time come :)
the despicable desirbale change wont get me down ...

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