Friday, January 15, 2010

blog the blob!

The reasons y i chose to blog:

1. laziness- its easy typing then sitting down and writing stuff.

2. Being a mere mortal by nature i suffer from normal anxieties and complexities which are inbuilt in our mind and sometimes u feel the pressure to KiCk it out!

3. When the diary journal becomes a compendium of warfare, chafes of lovey dovey events,etc etc :P

4. When you have done enough of face booking, status updates, quizzes and watching your old pictures...obviously u feel the need to do something 'better'

"Writing is sanity" it keeps me sane and alive...
I know that one day i ll grow old and recall how super loco n whacky i was in my young age and read my own pieces and laugh off :D .sort of a far sighted vision.

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