Saturday, January 16, 2010

naiveté - creations from chilhood to present

when i was pretty young - in 8 th grade or something, i saw a few random cartoon characters in a book... me and my cousin decided to sketch them down, and ...we badly failed. we were not skillled enough to give the right curve to donald's beak or mintain the size proportion of goofy's nose and his mouth. later on i started abstract drawings with ball point pen , designing my own name and sometimes hiding the letters of my name and then asking the others to figure out (totally child-e-ish) but that is how you spend time when you get bored and when there is a restless zest in you.:).notice the dates at the side of the drawings.

'constructive' crticism
et al

piece 1.

piece 2.


 this particular picture is my endeavor to capture the scenic beauty of  Vijayawada-  Andhra Pradesh

piece 4.


piece 5.

piece 6.

piece 7.

and now the present...
though i haven't created any such exemplary or   magnificent piece of art but i loved whatever i did in my room and for some friends and here  are some of the pictures from the collection

(2007)This is a wall collage i made .it is currently in my room .the title says " joie de vivre" - happiness of life. There are pictures of the people who are integral part of my life, my childhood memories, bittersweet moments and a graffiti board for ppl to write on .

(24/12/09) this is a picture collage me and surbhi( my best mate) presented it to our dear pal Neha on her budday. after a lot of brain storming, color changes, messy hands (colored by paints), we finally came up with a beautiful. the  whacky tags we made are the point of attraction in this creative piece ;)

made on 16/7/09. made it for our pal surbhi with my one of my other best mate neha, at her place. the whole scrap book contained hinglish headlines, puns , pictures etc ...again after a lot of debate over the page s and content, thise beautiful pages emerged( ignore the date of cam).the pictures and content was the usp of the scrapbook. following are a few more images...


  1. hahaha! they think m weird n crazy! but love me althemore :P

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