Monday, January 18, 2010

There are times when i feel drawn towards the western way of living , the advanced setup, casino's, Halloween, the stupendously clean roads, junkie food like mega sized burgers , pepperoni pizzas etc etc ...and then *boom* u suddenly come to the realization with little little events in life.

I m completely addicted to street food... the chai, chole bhatoore, golgappe, bhel poori, dhai bhalle and tikki seems to be an integral part of our constitution. the crave and the hunger pangs for the spiced up food asserts the same furthermore.while browsing through my picasa albums, i came across a few pictures clicked while i went on a travelling spree in summer vacations and ' dastakala samaroh' - a handicraft festival with a friend.

The mouth drooling Sweet House in a local state - ladoo's unlimited :D

The drums

The rangoli @ Diwali festival

a Handi craft depicting Lord Ganesha

Conventional Ludo

Artifacts of soil


the kite- Patang as we call it

Pottery  :)


Bangles- love of every Indian woman

a decorated pole

a Tribal wooden pillar

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